Kershaw Dry Cleaners

Kershaw Dry Cleaners wanted to launch some strong, direct advertisements in Dublin to draw attention to their store, and simultaneously, to boost their sales and increase their customer base. They came up with the two slogans ‘A Cuff Above the Rest’ and ‘Drop your Trousers at Kershaw Dry Cleaners’. The slogans in the brief provided a touch of wit and personality and this was carried across into the adverts, which use a range of tongue-in-cheek imagery, bold and modern typography with a clean and spacious feel.

This results in powerful attention-grabbing adverts, generating an instant impact with passers-by, whilst still maintaining a feel of class and sophistication. This direct tone is important with outdoor advertising, as the average person has been proven to initially view an ad for just a few seconds. The client was really happy with the campaign results, enthusing “Wow, thanks a million for the fast turnaround on these concepts! We love them, they are really fun and they fit the tone we want the ads to have really well – so top marks to the designer.”

*Completed whilst working for Bravo Outdoor Advertising