‘Jessie Paints her Pictures’ Letterpress Poster


Jessie Paints Her Pictures About How it’s Going to Be

****Limited Edition Original Poster Prints: 8 prints exist in total, 6 are Available for Sale.****

This unique letterpress poster is based on a song called ‘Jessie’ by Joshua Kadison. I chose these lyrics as I love this song – I love to paint and daydream about things so it’s connected with the idealisticness of the dreams we all have. I also love it as it’s about love and the singer is in love with Jessie even though she seems to float with the breeze and come and go but it’s the idea that ultimately they will both be very happy together and he still believes in this dream and this love so it’s romantic, she always comes back as she feels the same. The lyrics taken on their own are simple, fun and light-hearted and ideal for a designer or artist’s studio, tapping in to their creative imaginative side. If you are someone called Jessie and artistic or have a loved one or family member (as I do) who fits this description, then this poster will be an even better gift for you.

Each letterpress print was hand-made, with carved wooden lettered type carefully set and pulled through the press on to quality paper to create the beautiful finished piece. Each print varies slightly due to the nature of the letterpress process. Ink impression on the piece you receive may differ slightly from the picture, making each one unique and beautiful.

It’s size is 400 mm (w) x 505 mm (h) / 15.7 inch (w) x 19.9 inch (h)

Each print is numbered and signed on the back.

Created by enthusiastic & creative Irish graphic designer Clare Lynch (www.clarelynchcreative.com).

Prints will be carefully wrapped in cellophane and inserted into postal tubes for sending.

Please note, the frame is NOT included in this listing.

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