Dynamic Media Solutions
Brand Identity, Livery Design

Dynamic Media Solutions are an innovate and leading company in Ireland that provide services such as vehicle wraps, environment wraps, in-store digital wallpaper, print and signage.

They specialize in vinyl wrapping of everything from vans and buses to building exteriors and tunnels. They are a new and fresh company and they wanted to portray this in their branding. They wanted to stand out in the marketplace and be an easily recognized brand.

Their ethos is a can-do, flexible and innovative approach. Using their initials as a brand-mark, I created a logo typeface that generates this feeling of movement and also re-enforces exactly what they do. I used the mesh pattern which makes up vinyl as a graphic element on the stationery. The result is a clean, professional brand with it’s own unique personality, with a graphic style which has the potential to easily be translated onto other mediums such as posters and advertisements in the future. The client was very happy with the result.

Home & Clean Packaging Design
Bisque On Bolton Collateral