Esri Ireland Direct Mail Campaign


Esri Ireland are a software and services organisation specialising in the application of geographic information systems or “GIS”. GIS is based on the simple principle of attaching a location to every piece of data. They help customers record where things happen and analyse why, to give business insight on which to make better decisions. Clare Lynch Creative has worked with their Irish and UK offices on many projects over the past year, including online marketing & advertising campaigns, ebooks, printed mailers and infographics.

These two promotional pieces, a DM and an A5 info-booklet provide information on one of their popular software packages ‘Workforce for ArcGIS’ which helps field workers optimise how they work – tracking and scheduling jobs easily, creating a much easier information-capturing system for these companies. Location-based data and tracking play a big role in influencing the design when working with Esri. The client was pleased with the overall result;

“It looks great, thanks a million, delighted with how it all turned out. Nice work!”

ISPAI Annual Report 2016