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Katie’s Kombucha – New Cans Packaging Design

We are loving how well the brand packaging design of the Katie’s Kombucha range translated from the original glass bottles to these lovely slim cans. They are now available in both the bottles and cans in three tasty flavours.

A little about kombucha for those of you unfamiliar with it…

Kombucha is a great alternative to sugary drinks. It contains elements that offer nutritional and digestive support, strengthen the immune system, and assist in removing impurities from the blood and organs. Poor dietary choices and chronic stress are the root causes of many modern diseases. Both diet and stress can trigger physiological imbalances and degradation, particularly in the immune system. Kombucha contains prebiotics which are beneficial for gut health (great immune booster).

✔️ Maintains a health pH
✔️ It’s antioxidants help fight disease
✔️ Contains beneficial probiotics
✔️ Encourages good microbes to grow in the gut
✔️ It’s acetic acid helps fight bad bacteria
✔️ Helps your skin glow

Katie’s Kombucha supports local and buys delicious raspberries from a raspberry farmer in Wicklow.

Katie’s Kombucha is available at Fresh stores @freshthegoodfoodmarket and SuperValu @supervalu_irl stores, along with many more locations.

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