The Galway Kitchen Aioli Dips: Packaging Design

The Galway Kitchen have recently launches these new tasty threesome of dips. The condiments range are delicious as a dip or try them drizzled on some freshly grilled meat or fish for an elevation of flavour like no other.

The Galway Kitchen Ranks No. 2 among Ireland’s Top Prepared Dips and Sauces Brands in 2023*. As with all of their creations, these recipes have been expertly crafted by their team of in-house chefs and are made fresh in Galway with quality ingredients.

The three variations of dips are:

  • Garlic & Herb Aioli

  • Basil Pesto Aioli

  • Chimichurri

This trio of delicious dips are a convenient and tasty way to elevate any meal or snack – your new fridge essential!


The Galway Kitchen brand already existed for their popular houmous dips range when they contacted Clare Lynch Creative. They asked if we could create the packaging design for these aioli dips packs to work well alongside their existing houmous range, and also the snack pack range designed by Clare Lynch Creative, which incorporate bright mediterranean patterns alongside clean, minimal typography and imagery, whilst bringing a fresher vibrant look to the packs to ensure a strong and bold standout impact on shelves. They loved the final design outcome of the range altogether.

The Galway Kitchen’s food range includes global flavours, inspired by much-loved tastes from around the world, made in their kitchen at the heart of Galway.

The beautiful photography of @thegalwaykitchen range is by Irish photographer @jenniferocooks

They are available in @tescoirl stores.

These dips are must-have condiments of the Summer ☀️

The Galway Kitchen range is available at selected Tesco Ireland stores:

Find them in the fridge at your local Tesco Ireland

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Photography by Jennifer Oppermann:


Packaging printed by Priory Press Packaging.

The Galway Kitchen are produced by quality Irish fine food producer Galmere Foods.


The Galway Kitchen Snack Packs: Packaging Design