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The Galway Kitchen Snack Packs: Packaging Design

The new Classic Houmous Snack Pack by @thegalwaykitchen has recently launched! Each pack includes a tub of The Galway Kitchen’s signature Classic Houmous, created with a creamy blend of chickpeas and tahini with a hint of lemon, Organic and Reduced Fat along with a serving of mini, Italian breadsticks, specially developed for scooping and giving that perfect, light crunch. These flavour-packed treats are great for a healthy lunch snack!

The Galway Kitchen brand already existed for their popular houmous dips range when they contacted Clare Lynch Creative. They asked if we could create the packaging design for these snack packs to work well alongside their existing range, incorporating bright mediterranean patterns alongside clean, minimal typography and imagery, whilst bringing a fresher vibrant look to the packs to ensure a strong and bold standout impact on shelves. They were very happy with the result.

The Galway Kitchen’s food range includes global flavours, inspired by much-loved tastes from around the world, made in their kitchen at the heart of Galway.

The Galway Kitchen range is available at selected Tesco Ireland stores:

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Photography by Jennifer Oppermann:



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