ISPAI Annual Report

The brief was to design a mini-annual report for publishing results for the year of 2013, with a greater focus on infographics to achieve a strong immediate impact. The client’s aim was for it to be more visually-appealing than their previous annual reports which were quite text-heavy and to make it easy to read and understand. It was designed along with a suite of other supporting collateral for their launch event including an invite and flyer.

As rely on reports made about illegal content to them online, the cover symbol represents both the recognised WiFi internet signal icon and a loudspeaker for the awareness alerted through reports. The colour scheme is primary representing the innocence of the children needing protection. The clients were very satisfied with the results and said it helped them get their message across well on the day of the launch event. See Hotline’s feedback here.

Fresh Plus Packaging
Promotional Campaign: SICDA Task Force