Fresh Plus Packaging

fresh plus cat litter packaging is bright and fun packaging design which indicates it’s use clearly to potential consumers with it’s playful feline characters along with the display of the content through the flower-shaped device. The earthy colour tones and floral illustrations draw attention to it’s all natural properties. The playful feel is used consistently throughout from the main graphics to the barcode detail.

This product packaging has been designed to create a light, airy and bright feel for a product which holds a less-than-attractive use. The bold feline character and product name featured large-scale on the front of pack creates easy brand recognition and shelf-standout against competitors.

The client’s feedback was positive;

Thank you ever so much for great and unique job you have done with this packaging design. Many thanks.

*As featured on The 100 Archive and Packaging of the World

Campbell Rochford Branding Annual Report