Tara Gartlan Chocolate: Easter Eggs Packaging Design

The Packaging Design of these beautiful Easter Eggs are a lovely addition to the Tara Gartlan Chocolate range designed by Clare Lynch Creative.

These Easter Eggs are handmade in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, Ireland by Michelin star pastry chef, Tara Gartlan. They embody her dedication to creating unique and special delights, to be savoured and enjoyed.

Each egg is meticulously hand painted and filled with hidden truffles, showcasing Tara’s commitment to quality & artistry. Using only the finest Valrhona chocolate, Tara invites you to indulge in a moment of pure decadence.

You can choose from the Hazelnut Rocher Egg with delicious Hazelnut Rochers tucked away inside a milk chocolate & hazelnut praline egg or the Passionfruit caramel Egg. If you really can’t decide, just have both! Everything is gluten free, as signature to all of the Tara Gartlan Chocolate range. The beauty is you wouldn’t know as the taste is amazing.

They can be ordered several months in advance of Easter each year via the website www.taragartlan.com


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