Noise Singapore 2016 Festival

Posted on Sep 9, 2016 in Blog


Noise Singapore 2016 Festival

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit Mix Some Noise 2016 on a recent trip to Singapore.

Noise Singapore is an initiative of the National Arts Council to make noise about the young creative talent in Singapore, using many different platforms throughout the city to showcase the level of creativity. It’s aim is to support, inspire and encourage local young creatives in developing their relationship with the arts.

Have a look at some of the inspiring international art on display:

  • noise_fest_singapore12
  • noise_fest_singapore17
  • noise_fest_singapore3
  • noise_fest_singapore4
  • noise_fest_singapore5
  • noise_fest_singapore6
  • noise_fest_singapore7
  • noise_fest_singapore8
  • noise_fest_singapore9
  • noise_fest_singapore10
  • noise_fest_singapore11
  • noise_fest_singapore1
  • noise_fest_singapore13
  • noise_fest_singapore14
  • noise_fest_singapore15
  • noise_fest_singapore16
  • noise_fest_singapore2