CEAD Exhibition 2016

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CEAD Exhibition 2016

This year’s CEAD exhibition brought a huge and diverse range of art out on display. I was delighted to be featured among all this talent. Here are a few highlights below:

Exploring Portraiture

Eyes are said to be a window to the soul. For this exhibition, I wanted to explore this further in the work through portraiture, to show how someone is painted in portraiture can depict an openness and innocence within a person or a contrasting darkness by painting in a more distorted manner and also a more voyeuristic view of painting someone who seems unaware, such as the male portrait below.

Artists I looked at who had explored similar themes and/or painting styles were Jenny Saville, Marcella Dumas, Frida Kahlo and Francis Bacon.

  • CEAD_5
  • CLC_Cead
  • CLC_Cead-2
  • CLC_Cead-3

A Piece of Me, Naomi Kelly

This piece is about the body with a focus on breast cancer – the process of chemotherapy, mastectomy, cancer cells and how it all affects the body all shown in a visual way. Naomi uses utensils from around the home in her art as a lot of women can be in the domestic home environment. I thought this piece was very well thought out and implemented and it connects the viewer to the sensation and intrusion to their body that women go through when dealing with breast cancer. I thought Naomi tackled this sensitive subject manner in a visually-interesting and powerful way.

  • CEAD_7
  • CEAD_7a
  • CEAD_7B

The Watchful Eye of CCTV

Camera City, Stuart Pearson
I found the subject matter of photographer Stuart Pearson quite interesting, a very popular topic at present – the level in which we are all, as a society, being monitored in our daily lives. Stuart explores how humans interact with the built environment and designed public spaces. He explores how security cameras are incorporated into our built environment where we are recorded hundreds of times per day, often without even realising, with facial recognition software utilised that can identify and even track us individually and our movements over time and concerns over it’s use on social media such as Facebook.

Through his work, he raise the question of if we still have a right to the freedom of privacy and anonymity in public places and online. There are a lot of uses of this level of tracking in terms of reducing crime, targeting specific audiences through monitoring online consumer activity and increased awareness of current happenings such as traffic incident coverage but there definitely does beg the question of – how much is too much – and are we ok with the current level of it? I found his work quite thought-provoking.



Further Art on Show

There really was so much quality work on display that it would be difficult to run through them all but have a browse below and feast your eyes on some more of the talented artist’s work.

  • CEAD16_Assorted_0002
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0010
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0011
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0003
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0012
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0013
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0004
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0005
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0006
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0007
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0008
  • CEAD16_Assorted_x
  • gathered-work-cead_y
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0000
  • CEAD16_Assorted_0001
  • CEAD_5

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